• Brand:
    AriZona Beverages
  • Name of Brands:
    • - AriZona Arnold Palmer
    • - AriZona Black & White
    • - AriZona Blueberry White Tea
    • - AriZona Cherry Lime Rickey
    • - AriZona Cranberry Tea
    • - AriZona Fruit Punch
    • - AriZona Golden Bear
    • - AriZona Grapeade
    • - AriZona Grape Lime Rickey
    • - AriZona Green Tea
    • - AriZona Green Tea Honey
    • - AriZona Half & Half
    • - AriZona Kiwi Strawberry
    • - AriZona Lemonade
    • - AriZona Lemon Tea
    • - AriZona Mango Lime Rickey
    • - AriZona Mucho Mango
    • - AriZona Orangeade
    • - AriZona Peach Tea
    • - AriZona Pina Colada
    • - AriZona Raspberry Tea
    • - AriZona Rx Energy Herbal Tea
    • - AriZona Strawberry Pina Colada
    • - AriZona Sweet Tea
    • - AriZona Watermelon
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Born in the heart of Brooklyn, AriZona® Beverages came onto the scene with a fresh take on iced tea, which has now taken the world by storm. Since 1992, we’ve made it our mission to bring our customers great-tasting products, using top-quality ingredients, presented in uniquely designed packaging. All of which has been skillfully produced and made affordable to everyone.

  • Brand:
    New Leaf
  • Name of Brands:
    • - Blue Tea Lemon
    • - Green Tea Plum
    • - Natural Lemonade Black Cherry
    • - Tiger Half & Half
    • - White Tea Strawberry
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The world's best-tasting teas, lemonades, and half-and-half beverages. Leaf teas are made with real teas, natural flavors, and pure, organic cane sugar. It's why we call New Leraf "The Official Beverage of Taste."

  • Brand:
    Xing Tea
  • Name of Brands:
    • - Xing Tea Blueberry
    • - Xing Tea Green Tea & Honey
    • - Xing Tea Half & Half
    • - Xing Tea Lemon
    • - Xing Tea Mango
    • - Xing Tea Plain Tea
    • - Xing Tea Pomegranate
    • - Xing Tea Raspberry
    • - Xing Tea Sweet Tea
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XINGtea, based in Denver, is committed to producing and distributing the best green tea-based ready-to-drink teas on the market.

Brothers Tom and Scott LeBon had a single-minded drive for XINGtea, borne from their desire to create the best tea drink possible – better tasting and better for you than any other product. They were passionate about this vision and decided from the outset the taste had to be just right and the quality would be second-to-none. They demanded only the best ingredients. The finest green teas with just a hint of black teas for the smoothest taste. The freshest, all-natural fruit flavors. And they chose pure cane sugar and all-natural honey as the only acceptable sweeteners for creating the best tea drink anyone had ever tasted. More expensive? Of course. But the way Scott and Tom saw it, only the best ingredients and the best recipes would give them the best green tea beverage, hands-down.

“We drove our blending partners crazy,” Scott remembers. “We made everyone go through so many versions of each flavor, they were about ready to quit. We wouldn’t accept it until it was just what we wanted.” They would only settle for creating the best green tea-based beverage, and knew the road wouldn’t be an easy one.

In the end, everyone agreed: the varieties are delicious. They’re unique. And they simply make XINGtea the most refreshing drink ever poured into a glass. Period.